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Mailing Address:

Ben's Studio
Ben J. Ploughman
P.O. Box 264
Port Au Choix, NL
A0K 4C0

Phone/Fax: (709)861-3280

Web Site:

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Shipping and Packaging

All works of art are securely wrapped using recycled cardboard as the outer protective layer. Inside, the front of the picture is covered with bags of recycled shavings from the workshop planer. A piece of fishing twine in the form of two loops secure the outer cardboard wrapping. A twine fastened handle makes for easy handling. The edges of the cardboard are then taped up using good old duct tape.

We ship WORLDWIDE, starting with CANADA POST and ending up with who knows who.

Methods of Payment are: VISA, MASTERCARD, Certified Cheque or Money Order

Shipping and Handling (Approximate Prices)

Within North America :

Small: $30-$45

Large: $45-$95
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To Other Countries:

Small: $50-$70

Large: $70-$150
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(Location Map)

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Hope you enjoyed your visit. Do come back again.

Benedict Joseph Ploughman