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Each piece of art is "one of a kind". I create 3-D wooden pictures to tell a story rather than paint it on canvas. My technique and style are new to the arts world. I created and developed this new art form over the past 12 years and recently refined it to it's present day style. Today my creations have been described by the arts community as; new and improved, new-wave, stylized, cleaned-up folk-lath art. Whatever!

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Using one-half hand-carved family characters, either front on or back on, and other sculptured pieces all painted with acrylics, I go about attaching them in a meaningful way to a background setting, whether it be a wharf, neck of land, rock etc. Pieces are nailed not glued so they won't fall off.

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The background consists of a combination of recycled driftwood laths and selected grainy plywood all laminated and nailed to a heavier plywood base. A thick backing gives me something firm to nail the laths, plywood, characters and other things to.



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The dark blue colored oceans and light blue grainy skies are stained, not painted. A few skies may be painted or shaded every now and then to add mood and setting.

All pictures are framed using recycled driftwood laths or seasoned weathered laths. A hanging wire is firmly attached to the back. Picture title, my signature and year created is written on the front and back.


To hang small and medium sized pictures, hammer a small nail into the wall on a slight slant. For larger pictures, it might be a good idea to find a stud! The average weight is approximately four pounds per square foot of picture.