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Listing in the Lonely Planet: Canadian Edition.

This is a very popular self-guiding tour book used by a lot of foreign tourists when visiting Newfoundland. An earlier publication a few years ago suggested to tourists to go visit three places in Newfoundland; St. John's (the capital city), Gros Morne National Park and Ben's Studio on the Viking Trail.

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The Western Star

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The Western Star
April 7, 1990

"Twelve Angry Fishermen" shows the backs of twelve fisherman in a row, standing on the dock and peeing into the sea. To me that's a great work of the imagination, before beginning to think of the cod moratorium, or even without taking into consideration that the piece is similar in shape and composition to Leonardo's Last Supper, though not as large. Ben's a practicing Catholic. In studio two, a forty-six-foot sperm-whale skeleton in progress hangs from the ceiling. Detailed plans for the skeleton are tacked to the wall like Michelangelo's plans for the Sistine Chapel.

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The Northern Pen

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Atlantic Progress
June/July 1997
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Letter from David Gropman,
Production Designer
'The Shipping News'
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Letter from E. Annie Proulx,
Author of
'The Shipping News'
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Letter from Raymond Plank,
Chairman and C.E.O of
Apache Oil Corporation
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